2021 update!


I sort of forgot to do an update for a while. Like…a long while. Sorry about that. I’m going to chalk that up to 2020 and promise to do better. Thanks for hanging in there with me!

8 Comments on “2021 update!

  1. Youre all good, I can’t wait for further updates! Love your books, on my second re-read of the series

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    • Hey, I appreciate that! Cool comments like this are pretty much exactly why I keep trying to make the series better and better.


  2. No worries! You’ve got to be super busy these days! It’s nice to have more I started the series over on audible (4th time) yesterday and I’m just happy there’s going to be more to the story! 100% the books I look forward to the most and narration is a huge part of it.

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    • Thanks, Dallas! I think the extra scenes are pretty fun. It’ll be kind of like a Director’s Cut of the series once the stories are in place, so I’m pretty excited to get them out there!


  3. This series is perfect. I wish more people wrote what ever you call this. I need more. I cant just keep rereading these 3. It cant be healthy lol

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    • Ha! That’s awesome! I can recommend the Paternus series by Dyrk Ashton and the Ordshaw series by Phil Williams if you’re looking for some more indie titles with a similar feel. They definitely have their own vibes, but they’re fun. Otherwise I’ve got some short stories coming pretty soon to supplement the Ethereal Earth universe, and book 4 is FINALLY coming together like I want, so that hopefully won’t be far behind!


    • Yes! Totally. I have so much weird news, and can share so little of it right now though. So I’ll film something in about a week, and hopefully I’ll be able to give some marginally satisfying news… 🙂


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