Are you looking for signed physical copies? Because I finally figured out how to offer those!

Right now I’m only offering the default purchase options to the continental U.S. (Because I’m covering the shipping in these prices, and shipping outside my country is bonkers expensive.) But if you live overseas and you’re really interested in copies, drop me a message here and we’ll see what we can do. If you really want them, I really want you to have them.

The First Three Bundle

The first three, signed and sent to you with love. Or any other requested emotion. I’m flexible. This package is if want to jump in hard. Maybe you’ve already listened to them on audio and you want to hold the words in your hands. Or maybe you already own the books and you want to give these to someone special because you’re amazing. Or maybe you’re a collector of all things arcane and you’ve spotted the infernal incantations embedded herein. Whatever. All perfectly good reasons.

45.00 $

Hero Forged (Book 1)

A signed copy of book one!

15.00 $

Fate Lashed (Book 2)

A signed copy of book two!

15.00 $

Blight Marked (Book 3)

A signed copy of book three!

15.00 $

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