Crime and Publishment

“Writing and publishing a book can’t be that tough. I can definitely do it.”

          -Josh 2016

“Holy crap…”

          -Josh 2017

Writing a book really isn’t that hard. I mean, writing a good book is pretty challenging, but really anybody can knock out a coherent story if they want to. It turns out that’s the easy part. The hard thing is getting anyone to actually care that you did it.

At first I thought the book I wrote, A Hero Forged, was in fairly decent shape. I knew it needed the touch of a skilled editor, but otherwise I was ready to send it out the door. The story is done. Time for the sequel. Then I started researching all the rest of the steps involved in the process, and I got super sad. It turns out that publishing a book is hard freaking work.

“And if you look here on diagram 5b, you’ll clearly see that I have no idea what I’m doing.”

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