A weird, late update

I can always tell it’s been too long since my last update when the wordpress dashboard has changed entirely since I last logged on. Ooof. I barely know how to use this contraption anymore.

Anyway, here’s an update on why it’s taking me SO FREAKING LONG to get this book done:

2 Comments on “A weird, late update

  1. First, Marie totally sold it, if any forgiveness was needed. Second, no matter how “werid”(sic) things get, you’ve got to keep your mind in the middle while you try to ride this new career horse. You cannot ruin your career when you haven’t really started it, and it is guaranteed you will have failures especially as you try to find your footing. You really already know this from writing, but I will re-emphasize. Go, Team Beatrice!

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    • Hey thanks, Tom! And nice catch on that typo in the title. I can’t believe I missed it for so long! That’s why proofreaders are so valuable. I had to correct it though, or it would have driven me completely insain. 🙂


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