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Okay, let’s be real here. I can’t offer you amazing prizes or a weekly newsletter full of hilarious and insightful anecdotes for your junk mail filter to enjoy. But I can promise that this book is pretty decent and that you won’t have a bad time if you check it out. (Imagine if Joss Whedon and Neil Gaiman wrote a book together. Now cut your expectations down by 20%.)
If you sign up here, I’ll send you a quick reminder when the book comes out on June 4th. Plus I do mildly entertaining blog posts here and there. And I have a bunch of deleted scenes and audiobook outtakes I’ll be releasing down the line (as soon as I’m emotionally ready to be publicly debased). The only way to get that stuff is to be on this list. So there you go. Some fun things and one gentle tap on the shoulder. Otherwise I’m a painfully self-conscious introvert, so I’ll leave you totally alone.