Audios Amigos!

Yes, that blog title is supposed to be spelled that way. The audiobook version of Hero Forged finally released today!


This is a big deal for me, because…man it was hard to do. I’m not a professional voice artist or an audio engineer, but I LOVE audiobooks and knew I wanted to do one for this release. But it’s extremely expensive to get one produced by professionals if you’re just starting out like me. Totally worth it, I’m sure, but tough to justify at this point in my career.

“Yes ma’am, your voice is amazing. But you’re going to bankrupt me if you can’t dial it back below incendiary.”

So I rolled up my sleeves and learned how to do it myself. First, my friend Geoff figured out what I’d need to get the best results in a home studio. Then my friends and family pitched in and got me the stuff for Christmas last year. It was a fun couple of months learning how to use everything and finding out EXACTLY why it costs so much to produce an audiobook, but I think the end result turned out fairly well. I was able to parlay some years of acting and singing experience into something like competence in this, so I hope everyone really enjoys it.


Though, maybe slightly less than…whatever’s happening here.

You can find the audiobook on:




And if you’re not a member yet, you can get a free 30-day trial and download my book for the low cost of nothing. Everyone wins!

If you do check it out, please consider leaving a review on Amazon or Goodreads afterward to let me know how you liked it. The same goes for the e-book version if you’ve read that. Every positive review helps me out quite a bit, and I really appreciate them! Thanks!


10 Comments on “Audios Amigos!

  1. Loved the book and characters, the witty and scrappy way they interplay and some really imaginative scary monsters. Your reading of it and your vocal characterizations were really top notch and I’m really looking forward to the next book.

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    • Thanks so much! Both for saying so and for checking out the book. I was pretty nervous to put it out there, but comments like this definitely help. It’s kind of like going up on stage for the first time, only in front of the world and I can’t hide behind a curtain if the crowd starts booing…

      The second book is finished and in revisions now, and I should hopefully have an update on the release schedule in the next few weeks. (I see you jumped on the e-mail updates, so you’ll be among the first to know.)
      I can tell you that it has the same core characters that we left off with, and it introduces a handful of fun new ones who I absolutely can’t wait to share. I’m really excited to start recording it!

      Thanks again for the kind words!!


  2. I think you’re just as good as Nick Podehl or James Patrick Cronin. If you voiced other books I would try them just because you voiced them. Also, the book is really good and I’m hoping book 2 is soon so I can pre-order it!

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    • Wow, that’s high praise! Book two is in edits now and should be ready to go by winter. My goal is to get at least two of these out per year, and right now we’re on track. I’m not sure how audible preorders work (if at all) but I will definitely post updates here, on facebook, and in my newsletter when I make progress on a preorder date for Amazon.
      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment! Seriously, this kind of stuff is super nice and keeps me going. So you’re awesome for that and for giving the book a chance in the first place!!


  3. The main reason I pass on an audiobook is the voice. If I didn’t know you were also the author I would have thought you were a professional voice actor. I hope you read the rest of this series, it was a very enjoyable listen (also great story). I am a huge fan of the Dresden files and while obviously not the same it really did have some of that essence. Excited for the next book!

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    • Thanks so much! To be called “professional” and be compared to Dresden Files in the same comment… Looks like I’m breaking out the ol’ laminator for this one. 🙂 Thanks for checking out the book, and double-thanks for making your way over here to tell me how you liked it!


  4. First, congratulations.

    Second, amazing book, I sat here and tried typing something over and over, to praise your book, and not to mention your voice in the audio version (Probably one of the top 4 Audio Readers I have heard yet). But I’m not sure how to put it into words.

    I will wait patiently for Book Two, and anything else you put out in the future, I can count on one hand how many authors I follow book to book, but you are now one of them.

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    • *Note to self: Send KalexJ an absurd number of cookies.*

      Seriously though, thank you! The only other “Top 4” I’ve ever been in was when I ran the 50-meter dash in elementary school…and that was mostly because there were only three other racers.
      As for book two, I’m doing some edits on it at this very moment, and it goes in to my awesome editor by the middle of the month. If all goes well, I’m hoping to be standing in front of a microphone sometime in November. Now I’ll be adding this comment to my morning motivational sessions before I step into the booth! So thanks for this and for giving the book a shot!


  5. Josh,

    I picked up your book from Audible and left a review before coming here to let you know.

    I’d love a more detailed blog or something about your setup for and experience narrating the book.

    Listening to the book, the picture of you I had painted was as a voice actor that decided to write a book. I didn’t realize it’s more the other way around until visiting your site.
    If you do end up voice acting other books aside from your own (I am just going to take it as a given that you will continue your own 😉 ), do try to make sure we know. Those books would be some of the ones I pick up based on the narrator, even taking a risk of a style I may not enjoy.

    Your forward and after sections really make you a relatable person.
    A lot of authors don’t put much truly personal perspective there that lets the readers (or listeners) get some insight into them.

    Good luck with your future works. I look forward to listening to them.

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    • Joseph, you are super cool. I thought about detailing the audio process as I was going this first time, but I was learning the software and hardware and how not to be terrible in general, so I didn’t want to press my luck by adding another thing. Now that I’m on the other side though, that’s a great idea! The next book in the series should be ready to record by November(ish) and I really like the thought of chronicling it.
      Thank you for the review and the kind words. For real. This is Prime, Grade A motivation right here, and it’s awesome of you to take the time to do that!


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