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Now in HD! Sorry.

Oh boy, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything. Sorry about that. So I figured I should do something big to get back into the game. But rather than force you to sit down and read an extended blog post about all… Continue Reading “Now in HD! Sorry.”

Blight Marked is out today!

Blight Marked (Ethereal Earth #3) is out today in ALL formats! Including audio!

Blight Marked

It’s almost here! Book 3 of Ethereal Earth. I’ll talk more about why it’s cool and fun later, but for now, the illustrious Fantasy Book Review was kind enough to host the cover reveal and release date, and you are all invited. Fantasy Book… Continue Reading “Blight Marked”

Late Names

Two quick things! First, I’m headed into the booth in ONE WEEK to start recording Blight Marked, the next book in the Ethereal Earth series. And I’m ridiculously excited to be voicing these characters again! I should hopefully have a cover to reveal to… Continue Reading “Late Names”

Progress Rapport

This post is about how book 3 is coming along (spoiler: great!) and also some ideas I’ve been mulling to keep you folks up to date in fun and useful ways.

Book 3 Progress and Short Stories!

You and I are both busy, so I’ll keep this short. Book 3 is shaping up nicely, with a crazy plot and some new and returning characters, and my plan is to get a solid draft done by mid-summer. The intention is to have… Continue Reading “Book 3 Progress and Short Stories!”

Fate Lashed is Live on Audible!

There’s a longer version of this story I’ll share later, but for now, Fate Lashed is FINALLY live on Audible today! Ultimately, it came down to me being slightly too optimistic about how fast I could edit the last tracks. Plus, I really wanted… Continue Reading “Fate Lashed is Live on Audible!”

Fate Lashed is out today!

I’ve got so much to do yet, so I’ll be quick with this one. Fate Lashed is out today in ebook and print! This is the next book in the Ethereal Earth series after Hero Forged, and I should warn you right away that it… Continue Reading “Fate Lashed is out today!”