Fate Lashed!

That’s it. That’s the title of the sequel to Hero Forged…minus the exclamation point.

Fate Lashed. I kinda dig it. And here’s another cool thing:

Fate Lashed will be released on Amazon in ebook and print on 2/7/19! (Audiobook info below.)

There’s even a preorder link.

And a goodreads link if you want to add it to your lists…

Look out world, Josh is getting organized.

And finally, the cover. For Hero Forged, I hired a Graphic Designer to reach into my swirling vat of design ideas and pull out something good. And I was really happy with what he gave me. But this time I wanted to carry that aesthetic further and commission a piece of completely original art. Something I could point to among the countless other covers out there and say is totally mine. So I joined forces with a friend, the incomparable Tyler J. Rinne, and tossed a bunch of vague nonsense at him until he ripped this cover straight from the Ether:

fate lashed cover 1

I just…LOVE this. I actually catch quite a bit of flack over the first cover–for being a little plain, or for not matching the Urban Fantasy genre, or for not telegraphing the story enough, or for not having pretty colors. There are also no beautiful people in leather jackets holding glowing swords on the gritty, gritty streets… But all those reasons are why I like that cover. It’s weird and different and pulls you in to read the blurb so you can speculate on what the crap this ridiculous book is even about. That’s the whole point. And I think this cover cranks those knobs up another notch in all the best ways. Plus, it’s totally original and from a fellow professional artist. I got to pay a talented friend real money to do art for my art because you want our art. Awesome.

As for the audiobook, that’s happening fast, friends. It’s still me as the narrator (for better or worse) and I’ll be finishing the recording this week. Then it’s on to editing, which should take another two weeks or so. If I’m really lucky, I’ll submit it to Audible and they’ll race it through processing to get it out with the other formats. But I can’t count on that, so I really shouldn’t promise it. My best guess is that it’ll take up to two more weeks to get into the Audible store. But believe me when I say that I will let you know the MINUTE it’s ready to go. Audio is my favorite format, so I’ll be ushering this thing with velvet gloves all the way to the finish line. Thanks for being cool and waiting a little longer. In the meantime, here’s a prologue to check out.

And the preorder link one more time. (I wish I could do one for Audible. Someday they’ll build that function)

You should also go check out Tyler J. Rinne’s stuff!

And if you want a little more fun, there’s this post over at the Weatherwax Report!

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