Author’s Note

This is a reading from the author’s note in Short Changed. It’s basically about how my personal values help shape my stories, and how I try to reconcile writing an increasingly wider view of the world from one relatively narrow vantage. It wasn’t instigated by any complaints or anything, just me wanting to state my intentions in advance so there’s hopefully never any confusion about what angle I’m coming from. I think communication is the key to any good relationship. And if you don’t think reading a long series is a kind of relationship, you and I aren’t going to agree on much of anything.

This isn’t a perfect philosophy, obviously, but it’s the ground on which I intend to build stronger foundations as I learn. I write silly monster stories, sure, but I also want them to mean something more to the people who want to find that. So no matter why you’re here, I want you to know that my intention is to always be doing good. And always doing better. That’s it. Thanks for listening.

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