Dawn Razed (Book 4) out for preorder!

Dawn Razed (EE Book 4) is now available for preorder, out Dec. 13th!


And I’m 2/3 of the way through recording the audiobook, so that should drop at the same time!

Friends…it’s big. Like, 25 hours big. And I’m so freaking excited to finally get it to you.

8 Comments on “Dawn Razed (Book 4) out for preorder!

  1. Can’t wait man! FYI – watched the documentary you were in about the play in your hometown. Very interesting! My wife is from a very small town in southern Illinois and could totally relate to all of the attitudes in the film – if that makes sense. Not that she shares them pre se, just that she knows what it’s like to be in that environment as opposed to me having only lived in larger cities. Very different for sure!

    Anyway – really looking forward to listening to this next installment!



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    • Yeah, it was a pretty crazy experience and a really sad story with no good resolutions for any of the people involved. I’ve never been so thankful to get back to writing ridiculous stories about sword fights and monsters!


  2. Love this series Josh. Got my Kindle copy pre-ordered! Looking forward to the next adventure with Gabe and friends. As soon as I finish up my current book I’m going to read Short Changed to get freshened up for Dawn Razed. I think I’m going to ask Santa for the entire physical copy of the series this year so I can add it to my physical home library (where only my favorites books get added). If not Santa, I turn 50 in Dec as well…. so another shot there too! hahaha.

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    • Awesome! This one is about as long as Hero Forged plus Short Changed, so hopefully it’ll be well worth the wait. And happy early birthday!


    • Nice! You’ll definitely get the most out of book 4 that way. But I did try to sprinkle reminders about the bigger plot points here and there in this book just in case.


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