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Fate Lashed is Live on Audible!

There’s a longer version of this story I’ll share later, but for now, Fate Lashed is FINALLY live on Audible today! Ultimately, it came down to me being slightly too optimistic about how fast I could edit the last tracks. Plus, I really wanted… Continue Reading “Fate Lashed is Live on Audible!”

Fate Lashed is out today!

I’ve got so much to do yet, so I’ll be quick with this one. Fate Lashed is out today in ebook and print! This is the next book in the Ethereal Earth series after Hero Forged, and I should warn you right away that it… Continue Reading “Fate Lashed is out today!”

Fate Lashed!

That’s it. That’s the title of the sequel to Hero Forged…minus the exclamation point. Fate Lashed. I kinda dig it. And here’s another cool thing: Fate Lashed will be released on Amazon in ebook and print on 2/7/19! (Audiobook info below.) There’s even a… Continue Reading “Fate Lashed!”

Know New News Now

Yikes, things have been quiet here for a while… Sorry about that! I’ve been frantically working on the latest draft of the sequel to Hero Forged, and I wanted to have something really juicy to tell you about when I kicked out a new… Continue Reading “Know New News Now”

Audios Amigos!

The audiobook version of Hero Forged finally released today!

Release Day!

It’s finally here! I’m not going to make this post super long because we’ve all got better things to do. But I’m pleased to announce that HERO FORGED has officially been released! It’s out in the wild and there’s nothing I can do to… Continue Reading “Release Day!”

Hero Forged releases 6/2/18!

This is just a quick update to let you know that Hero Forged will be released on Amazon on June 4th, 2018!


Welcome back! I’m sorry it’s been so long, but I finally have something to write another post about. A few things, actually. Quite a bit has happened since my last batch of words here, so I’m going to deliver it all in three distinct… Continue Reading “Publish(ish)”